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Business Conference

2023 Meetings & Events

 September 13th & 14th


John Carlos Wicks
Founder & CEO
Commercial Language Solutions, LLC
A Key to Safe & Productive Work Culture 

Studies have proven that people learn, understand, and retain information best if it is taught to them in their native language. (If you have ever visited a foreign country where you speak little or none of the language, you know how confusing it can be). In terms of safety training, comprehension increases when learners can give their complete attention to the content without first needing to mentally convert the information into their first language. From the beginning of the training, the learner is focused on the subject matter, not on trying to translate and interpret the material. As we all know, misinterpretation can lead to lower productivity, lost revenue and more seriously, injury and loss of life.


John will share with us examples from his career at Dot Manufacturing, an Adult ELS Instructor, and High School Educator the effects miscommunication. And more importantly, the positive effects safety training in a native language can have on work culture, diversity, productivity, recruitment, longevity of workforce and oh, yes… safety! 

OSHA 10 General
March 8th and 9th

2-Day OSHA Training
8:00 a.m. -!:30 p.m. 

See event detail for Cancellation policy.  All cancellations are subject to an administrative fee.  

For additional details email and reference the event. 

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