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Alive at 25


This is a 4-hour defensive driving interactive classroom course that focuses on the unique challenges faced by young adults and newly licensed drivers. This course was developed by the National Safety Council and has a proven track record of effectiveness based on statistical data as well as attendee feedback.  

This course is complimentary to

 Behind-the-Wheel Training, 

Driver's Education,

New Drivers After 6-Months

Newer Drivers Summers between College

Driver Education classes presenting and explaining tools for safe driving in all conditions and realistic conversations to have as a responsible passenger to ensure safe driving decisions are made. 

We currently offer this class via Zoom and at our Hampton location. 

We welcome holding a class at your location~please call us for details at 314-921-9200.  

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Click ‘Book Now’,

  • For the next available class. Click ‘Check the next available date’

  • For a later date, scroll on the calendar to the month of the class you wish to book. Click ‘Check the next available date’

NOTE: The date showing will be the date of the first class but the booking will be for both nights (a total of the required 8 hours). 


Click the start time of the class (displayed).

Click  ‘Next’

Complete the information and optional online payment.

An email confirmation of your registration will be sent to the email address you provide. 

If the class is via ZOOM an email with the link will be sent the week of the class from  

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Course Objectives

  • Why drivers under 25 often underestimate risks

  • The effect of inexperience, peer pressure, and distractions such as cell phones and texting

  • sAdopting safe driving behaviors and practices

  • Responsibility of passengers


Student Materials

Alive at 25 includes a National Safety Council Course Guide and Certificate of Completion. The participant may provide the certificate of completion to their insurance provider, which may result in a reduced premium (check with your insurance provider). 

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DDC Spotlight

Since South Carolina's Alive at 25 programs kicked off in 2007, that state's death toll among drivers 15-24 has dropped 47%
The most influential feedback originates from our Alive at 25 students stating 98% would change their driving behavior after taking the course. Alive at 25 educate our young adults in the community empowering them to make good driving decisions and create a positive connection between law enforcement and the students.

The Safety Council of Greater St. Louis aims to replicate this success in the Greater St. Louis area by working in conjunction with area high schools and corporations to bring this nationally recognized program to our young adults. 

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