Doctor's Desk

 19th Annual
Greater St. Louis Safety and Health

Jim "Tango" Gray

What is Human Performance and Why Does It Matter?

All progress begins by thinking differently. Today's current views regarding safety excellence should be at least partially obsolete in ten years: how safety excellence is defined and achieved, what the goals should be, who is responsible for what, and how long it will take in time and resources. What are your leaders' perspectives on this? How well aligned are they? With the answers to the questions provided in this engaging talk, not only will you gain an understanding of where the current thinking is, you will also know where to focus your efforts to help mature the thinking and, subsequently, align the safety efforts to strategically improve safety performance and culture.

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Jim "Tango" Gray has 28 years of experience across the Leadership Continuum: learning to lead, leading, leading leaders, and changing cultures. This began with 21 years as a Royal Marines Commando where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Tango deployed worldwide, through multiple combat operations, and ended his military career as the UK Liaison Officer to the US Department of State. Upon retiring he initially managed a Somali counter-piracy program for a US-based NGO. Tango has been with Check-6 since 2013 and is currently the Director of Innovation and Integration. He lives in Colorado with his Virginian wife and three children. The lack of cricket and warm beer is just about compensated for by the abundant skiing and fly fishing. He is still learning to lead.