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Blue Skies

Welcome to the 20th Annual
Greater St. Loui
Safety and Health Conference  

October 11, 2023  

Shawn Spiwak

The Power of Communication

In 2008, as an employee of Kansas City Power and Light, Shawn and his crew responded to a power outage in a neighborhood just north of Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. During the restoration, Shawn came in full contact with an electric line that was still energized.  The electricity traveled a path from his right elbow to his right knee, down the pole. The fifth-degree burns left his bones with irreparable damage. Shawn made an amazing recovery with a willpower that was stronger than the 7,200 volts of electricity that traveled through his body that day.  He eventually returned to Kansas City Power and Light (now Evergy) where he is now a trainer and now travels to share with companies, first responders, and schools, the power of electricity.Through his experience, Shawn will share the importance of communication in any role and situation.  And how one misstep in communication could save (or cost) a life.  

About Shawn

Shawn Spiwak is a Lead Skills Trainer for Evergy in Kansas City, MO. He started his career with Evergy (formerly KCP&L) in 2001. As a successful graduate of a three-year, Department of Labor-certified apprenticeship program, he continued his electrical career as a journeyman lineman. After a life changing accident, he focused on training. Since 2009, he has been teaching apprentices and journeymen electrical fundamentals and theory. This time has been invaluable at providing insight into the needs of training and safety procedures on the job.

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