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Forklift/Lift Truck Operator Training and Refresher


Lift, carry, stack – and comply. Here's why.


OSHA's safety training requirements for powered industrial truck operators help prevent an estimated 11 deaths and 9,500 injuries per year, plus $135 million in employee costs. What can they do for your facility?


The National Safety Council's Powered Industrial Truck Compliance Training Seminar lays it all out for you. Our professional facilitator will walk you through the standard and show you how to put it to use. Through discussion and activities, you'll learn practices and procedures that will help you comply and keep your employees safe.

The Class Covers

  • Details of the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 Powered Industrial Trucks standard

  • Basic safety precautions for operators and those working in the vicinity

  • Operating forklifts and other powered industrial trucks in hazardous locations

  • Training requirements for operators

  • Maintenance, including safe fuel handling and storage



  • The key elements of the regulations and how to comply

  • Proper operating and maintenance techniques that prevent injuries

  • What kind of training you need to provide, and for whom

  • How compliance can reduce your workers' comp and other costs



  • Participant Guide

  • Certificate of Completion



OSHA Training

First Aid

Defensive Driving

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