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The alliance was signed by Bill McDonald, Area Director of OSHA, and Mary Beth Proost, Executive Director of the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis, in the presence of Barry Stelzer (Board President, Safety Council of Greater St. Louis), Maryanne Heuer (Compliance Assistance Specialist), and Kevin Maitland (Board Member, Safety Council of Greater St. Louis).

The Safety Council of Greater St. Louis is proud to announce a new alliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to promote workplace safety. This alliance will help ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employers in the Greater St. Louis area by providing training and resources to help employers meet OSHA standards. We look forward to working with OSHA to make the workplace safer for everyone.

Substance Awareness Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP)

SATOP is a two-step process

1) Complete an evaluation

2) Attend the assigned Class or Treatment Program

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Safety Council of Greater St. Louis

Ensuring that everyone throughout our community returns home safe, healthy, and whole every day.

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