COVID-19 Operations 

 Safety and Health is the mission of the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis.  The rapid outbreak of COVID 19 is presenting major health concerns within our community.  To ensure health and safety, we are working from home. 


We are scheduling all classes online or via Zoom.  This includes all Court ordered Classes as well as SATOP and REACT Assessments. 


We will return calls and emails.  If you have signed up for a class, we will reach out to you to confirm class times and connections instructions.    


We do continue to offer our online 'personal learning path' classes. Please find out more under the Programs tab above.  


The safety and health of our community remain our focus for reliable updates please visit one of the sites below: 

Questions regarding classes?  Contact us at 314-808-7732 

Stay Healthy, Safe, and Socially Responsible 

Behind The Wheel

With our Behind the Wheel program, you don't ever have to worry about finding yourself unprepared or inexperienced on the road. Our experienced driving instructors will make sure you feel ready, wherever you go.  

Substance Awareness Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP)

SATOP is a two-step process

1) Complete an evaluation

2) Attend the assigned Class or Treatment Program

Need an appointment? Call 314-621-9200

Over 100 Years of Safety 

Ensuring that everyone throughout our community returns home safe and healthy everyday.

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OSHA Training

First Aid

Defensive Driving