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Overhead Crane Frequent Inspection

8 Hours


This training is intended for anyone designated to perform overhead crane “Frequent” inspection. The information presented in this course teaches how to perform safe and comprehensive crane inspections in accordance with OSHA §1910, ASME B30.2, and CMAA Specifications 78 requirements including record keeping. This training applies to performing frequent inspections of top running overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, monorails, underhung overhead hoists, and jib cranes. Successful completion of this course includes passing a written exam.

What You Will Learn

  • Terminology & Definitions

  • OSHA & National Consensus Standards Overview

  • OSHA §1910 & ASME B30.2, 16 & 17, and CMAA Spec 78 Crane Inspection Requirements

  • Overhead Crane Inspector Qualifications

  • Employer Responsibilities

  • Crane Types and Major Component Descriptions

  • Overhead Crane Classifications

  • Overhead Crane Inspection Types

  • Overhead Crane Inspection Safety

  • Crane Inspection Procedures for a Frequent Inspection

  • Inspection Removal Criteria

  • Record Keeping

Who Would Benefit

Anyone who is designated to perform overhead crane OSHA and ASME “Frequent” inspections including crane inspectors and crane maintenance personnel.



OSHA Training

First Aid

Defensive Driving

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