Did You Know?

More children lose their lives each year due to preventable injuries than all childhood diseases combined?

Since 2000, the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis has provided life-saving safety education through its unique Safetyville USA Program. The 1/3 scale town is complete with real sidewalks, crosswalks, streetlights, police, fire and sheriff station, and businesses that can be found in any city.

The goal of the program is to reduce injury and possible death of children resulting from preventable accidents. A trained volunteer tour guide leads children, preschool through third grade, through the town teaching them a variety of safety skills, including fire, bicycle, pedestrian, electrical, stranger danger, and railroad safety.

The children touring Safetyville USA are from all social and economic levels and come from all over Greater St. Louis.

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Interested in becoming a Safetyville business partner? Contact the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis for more information.

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Safetyville is an exceptional opportunity for both business partners and children to learn together. Corporate sponsorships often make the difference in creating active, hands-on learning experiences in many schools. In addition to your financial support, you may have individuals in your organization that would make great Safetyville volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to recognize their business partnership with the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis by bringing this program into their community.


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