Principles of Occupational and Health (POSH)

4 days (32 hours)

Credits: 2.6 NSC CEUs


The certificate in Principles of Occupational Safety and Health is an intensive four-day course covering 19 topics that provide a solid understanding of the fundamentals of workplace safety and health. The course focuses on best practices for implementing and managing a safety program.


POSH is a great introduction for anyone new to safety responsibilities and an excellent review for experienced safety practitioners.


You Will Learn:

  • How to examine prior incidents to help you avoid mistakes and maximize the effectiveness of your safety initiatives

  • Record-keeping to prevent injuries and meet OSHA requirements

  • How to develop an emergency action plan

  • How to plan and conduct safety inspections

  • The impact of industrial hygiene and HazCom standards on your safety plan


Completion of POSH qualifies you to pursue the NSC Advanced Safety Certificate, a nationally recognized safety program that sharpens your safety and leadership skills so you can drive fundamental safety change throughout your organization.

For individuals on a career path in safety, this program provides a clear roadmap and best-in-class education to meet many industry-leading certification requirements.



OSHA Training

First Aid

Defensive Driving