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(OVER 21)



REACT is a two-part process

1) The offender is to contact the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis to schedule an appointment for the evaluation

The individual completes a brief alcohol/drug use history then meets with a Qualified Professional for an interview to determine the recommendation.

2) The recommendation will be for either a REACT Education Program or REACT Treatment.

All costs for the REACT Program are determined by the Department of Corrections.

REACT Evaluation- $125

REACT Education Program- $100

​Need an Appointment? Call 314-621-9200

REACT is a State of Missouri, Department of Corrections certified program designed for persons charged with felony RSMO 195 drug charges and is a condition of probation.  The client must be referred to the REACT program through probation and parole. Our fax number is 314-621-9204. Each client will receive an assessment with a recommendation for either an education class or treatment.  The assessment is valid for six months at which time it expires.  The fees for REACT are set by the State Statute; the cost of the REACT evaluation is $125.00. The Safety Council is a State Certified REACT Screening Unit (RSU) and provides the assessment screening process. Our assessments are typically done on Wednesdays.  We also provide the education classes described below:

REACT Education Program (REP):  A ten-hour education course designed specifically to assist first-time, low-risk drug offenders in understanding the choices they made that led to their arrest.  Education is the key to helping first-time offenders take responsibility for their actions, relate it to their lives, and make changes in their thinking, beliefs, and behavior.  The cost of the REP is $100.00 per person. If treatment is the recommendation the referral will be made by the probation officer.

Without your support, the Safety Council could not fulfill its

mission of making the community a safer place for all.

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