Second Annual

Safest Places to Work Survey

for the Greater St. Louis Area

The Safety Council of Greater St. Louis in Partnership with the Survey Institute proudly presents




Attention Safety Professionals:

We invite you to join us for the 2019 Safest Places to Work Survey Featuring:


  • Relevant data indicators and uncovering the true drivers of safety culture within your organization.

  • A statistically valid and proven safety survey, which will be time, industry and regionally relevant to acknowledge your safety culture setting the foundation to build an even safer future.

  • No charge to participate.     



  • Participation for up to 500 of your employees in an online survey (for those smaller companies we will ensure statistical validity in size).

  • Each company will be given a unique code to ensure the confidentiality of individual results.  

  • Logins programmed specifically for your company (to control validity).

  • Ranking of your company compared to other participating companies by quartile (top, second, third, bottom).

  • Recognition of top performers via a press release, on our web site and at our winter 2020 event.


What is the Time-Line?

  • Commitment to participate by filling out the attached form by November 15th.

  • If you would like a presentation in person or via the web, for further explanation or to gain organization affirmation one can be arranged prior to November 8th.

  • November 15th – 30th:  Survey Institute will forward the codes to you as well as the online survey for your employees.  This can be accessed via a dedicated laptop or onsite computer. 

  • December 1-15th: All surveys will be completed at all locations during this time frame.

  • December 15th-30th: Survey data will be compiled from all participants.

  • January 5th: The survey rankings by quartile will be made available to all participants.  This will allow time to promote results to employees and for future planning. 


What are the categories?

(category size based on number of employees)







What is the Validity of the Survey?

  • The survey has been tested for validity and reliability by the University of Missouri St. Louis.

  • The survey has been utilized with proven success in the chemical, pharmaceuticals and general construction industries




There is a Charge for these Additional Options


There are additional options for those who would like a deeper look into their Safety Culture and added Direction. 



  • Executive Presentation of the overall regional results to identify the key drivers of safety culture in our region.

  • Reinforcing evidence from written comments will be provided to highlight and educate on the reasons why certain issues are key drivers (again no companies will be identified in the process)

  • REDUCED COST:  $250.00 (for those who choose to participate). 



  • Identification of the region's safety culture drivers.

  • Identification of your organization's specific drivers of safety culture.

  • Specific overall ranking of your organization.

  • Specific ranking of your organization on each survey question.

  • Top box rating details to determine the strength of your organization's safety culture.

  • Statistical detail of your organization on each survey question that shows indicators of your organization being statistically different from the overall regional mindset.

  • REDUCED COST:  Reduced Pricing for this Option is based on industry and company size (refer to the above table):

Small Company:$1,500.00

Medium Company:$2,500.00

Large Company:$3,500.00


Please feel free to contact Mary Beth at 314-621-9200 with any questions.